Green Zebra tomato: how to grow the green tomato variety

Green Zebra tomato: how to grow the green tomato variety

When does the Green Zebra ripen? What should you pay attention to when growing, caring for and harvesting these green tomatoes? We will tell you everything there is to know about the Green Zebra tomato.

The tomato variety ‘Green Zebra’ is one of the best-known green tomato varieties and it has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. In this article, we will introduce you to this unusual tomato variety.

Green Zebra: origin & history

The green-yellow striped tomato originated in the USA and was bred by Tom Wagner. It was first introduced to the market in 1983 and has since found its way into many gardens. However, Green Zebra is by far not the first tomato cultivated which remains green when it is ripe. Thousands of years ago, there were some wild tomato varieties from South America that also ripened without turning red.

Green Zebra tomato: taste & characteristics

The Green Zebra tomato plant is very robust and healthy and bears medium-sized, round fruits from mid-July on. When unripe, the Zebra tomatoes have light green stripes that later turn golden yellow in colour. The taste of these green tomatoes is unique and delicious – they taste aromatic, sweet and fruity. There is also a refreshing acidity to this variety, which is typical for green tomato varieties. Green Zebra is an open-pollinated variety, which means that it can be grown again and again from its own seeds. In our article on how to save tomato seeds, you will find instructions and helpful tips on growing healthy and robust tomato plants from the seeds you have obtained.

Green Zebra tomato: cultivation & care

The Green Zebra is a stake tomato which can bear a lot of fruits both in a greenhouse and in outdoor cultivation.

Green Zebra tomato plants, which can reach a height of over two metres, require a stake or another type of support when growing. The Green Zebra tomato can be grown with two shoots. To do this, simply leave a strong side shoot when pinching out the plant. If grown outdoors, you should put up some rain protection in order to keep the tomatoes from bursting and to prevent diseases.

how to grow green zebra tomatoes
If right care is provided, soon you will be gifted with a gorgeous harvest of these striped tomatoes [ Zaitsev]

Overall, Green Zebra tomatoes are very robust and low-maintenance with a high yield, so there is no surprise why this tomato variety is one of the most favourite ones among gardeners: it is truly a joy to grow.

When is the Green Zebra tomato ripe?

A ripe Green Zebra can be easily recognised: the green stripes turn golden yellow and the fruit becomes softer to the touch. This way, you can always tell which of the delicious fruits are ready to eat.

Green Zebra tomatoes: harvest & use

The Green Zebra is ideal for eating fresh off the plant because it is juicy and extremely aromatic. It adds an accent of colour to tomato salads and is also great for all other kinds of tomato recipes.

Our tip: Try making ketchup from Green Zebra tomatoes! It is just as delicious as red ketchup and it will be a fun surprise for your friends when they come over for dinner.

If you would like to add even more colour to your tomato bed, try some yellow tomato varieties.

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