Pineapple tomato: how to grow the unique tomato variety

Pineapple tomato: how to grow the unique tomato variety

The variety with the unusual name is becoming increasingly popular. We are taking a closer look at the Pineapple tomato and will tell you how to plant, care for and harvest the colourful tomato.

The Pineapple tomato variety is an all-time favourite among heirloom tomatoes. Here is everything you need to know about this extraordinary tomato:

Pineapple tomato: origin & history

The Pineapple tomato is said to originate from Kentucky in the USA. From there, it was brought to Europe around 1950. Since then it has become one of the classic varieties to grow in the garden. The Pineapple tomato is an heirloom tomato and belongs to the open-pollinated varieties. This means that the seeds obtained from Pineapple tomatoes can be sown the following year with the characteristics of the variety being preserved. This also applies to newer Pineapple tomato varieties.

Pineapple tomato: taste & characteristics

Pineapple tomatoes belong to the beef tomatoes, which are the largest types of tomatoes. The fruits are flat and round, wide and slightly ribbed. The Pineapple tomato ripens from the beginning of August on, which makes it a late-maturing tomato variety. When fully ripe, the fruit becomes very soft and should be consumed quickly. Tomatoes that are not quite fully ripe are also tasty and can be stored for a longer time. Pineapple tomatoes have a very fruity, pineapple-like, sweet and mild taste. Additionally, its dark and green varieties have some refreshing acidity to them. The tomatoes, which can weigh over a kilogram, have only few seeds inside.

Pineapple tomato varieties

The Pineapple tomato comes in a variety of colours: classic yellow-orange, dark shades of blue or even green. We have compiled the most popular varieties for you:

Black and blue Pineapple tomatoes

There are two Pineapple tomato varieties that belong to this category: ‘Ananas Noire’ and ‘Ananas Bleue’. The ‘Ananas Noire’ tomato turns dark red and pink to brownish as it ripens, with the top of the fruit remaining olive-green. If cut crosswise, you will find a spectacular array of colours with shades of pink, yellow, orange, brown and green.

The ‘Ananas Bleue’ tomato, which belongs to the rare blue tomato varieties, also displays a wide range of colours. When ripe, its base colour is a deep yellow orange while the top turns violet if there is enough sunlight. The ‘Blue Pineapple’, which is another name for this variety, is one of the newer varieties and its bluish-purple leaves and stem make it very decorative.

Yellow and green Pineapple tomatoes

The most popular representative of Pineapples is the ‘Hawaiian Pineapple’ tomato. When ripe, the tomato‚Äôs flesh turns a stunning yellow, orange and light red colour. In contrast, the ‘Green Pineapple’ tomato remains green while its flesh becomes highly aromatic, tender and soft.

Growing Pineapple tomatoes: tips for cultivation in pots and in the greenhouse

Hopefully, by now we have convinced you with the amazing qualities of this type of tomato and you are wondering how to grow Pineapple tomatoes. Pineapple tomatoes love warmth and are therefore best grown in a greenhouse. They are considered to be some of the more sensitive tomato varieties because they will not bear a lot of fruits without sufficient protection and warmth. The Pineapple tomato plant should be grown with one shoot and should be pinched out consistently. When grown in a greenhouse, the plants can reach a height of up to 160 to 180 centimetres and should therefore be staked for support. Pineapple tomatoes are not particularly suited for outdoor cultivation as they are not as resistant to diseases as other tomato varieties. If you do choose to grow Pineapple tomatoes outdoors, you should provide them with some rain protection or grow them in a pot in a sheltered place close to a south-facing wall.

Pineapple tomatoes: harvest & use

The large and heavy Pineapple tomatoes are great for salads or on sandwiches. Their size also makes them ideal for using in aromatic sauces and soups.

Our tip: You can prepare a bright yellow tomato soup from the Pineapple tomato and surprise your friends and acquaintances!

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