Types of cucumbers: new & heirloom cucumber varieties

Types of cucumbers: new & heirloom cucumber varieties

New, old and resistant cucumber varieties in an overview. Seeds of the varieties are available online or in your local garden centre.

Some might be surprised to learn that there is actually a great diversity among cucumber varieties. The elongated vegetables differ in colour, shape, size and weight. In terms of colour, there are not only green cucumbers, but also white, yellow and brown varieties. The shapes range from cylindrical and spherical to serpentine. The weight differences begin with the small, crunchy mini cucumbers (that weigh less than 70 g), followed by the popular pickling gherkins (80-150 g), the typical fresh salad cucumber (200-400 g) and the classic peeling cucumbers, which in turn can reach up to 4 kg.

You can easily buy seeds of your preference online. In addition to the distinguishing features mentioned above, it is also important to choose the right variety depending if you want to plant the cucumbers outdoors, in the greenhouse, on the balcony or on the terrace.

Here is the summary of the best cucumber varieties:

Salad cucumbers

  • Adrian (F1): frequently cultivated commercially; extremely resistant to diseases; fruits about 15 cm long; excellent in taste.
  • Bella (F1): does not contain bitter substances; excellent and abundant yields; well suited for greenhouse cultivation.
  • Burpless Tasty Green (F1): a compact new variety with 25-30 cm long fruits; best grown outdoors or in a pot on the balcony; well-balanced flavour.
  • Carosello Tondo di Manduria: an heirloom Italian variety with round to oval cucumbers; robust and with outstanding growing abilities; excellent aroma.
  • Chinese Slangen: outdoor cultivation is recommended; small core and plenty of flesh.
  • Delikatess: an heirloom variety (10-15 cm); suitable to pickle and fresh consumption.
  • Dominica (F1): a new cucumber variety with purely female flowers; rich harvests of fruit of good quality; the cucumbers do not develop any bitter substances; good resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Eiffel (F1): a resistant variety with 30-35cm long fruits; ideal for growing in greenhouses; good taste.
  • Fatum: an heirloom cucumber variety with luscious fruits (40-50 cm long; 8-12 cm thick); tough skinned, better to peel before eating.
  • Flamingo (F1): a newly developed variety; resistant to many diseases; bears cucumbers 25-30 cm long; excellent taste.
  • Futura (F1): exclusively female flowers; new variety with very abundant yields; without bitter substances, fine taste; reasonably robust against diseases.
  • Iznik (F1): a variety with small fruits (8-12 cm); extremely compact growth; good for cultivating in a pot (can be grown on a balcony or terrace); only female flowers develop into tasty cucumbers.
  • Johanna: an heirloom cucumber with very thick flesh; grows up to 35 cm long; outstanding in taste and very productive.
  • Konsa (F1): a new variety for outdoor cultivation; no bitter substances; bears heavy crops.
  • Lothar (F1): a modern variety with good resistance to powdery mildew and downy mildew; very compact in growth and good for growing in a flower pot on the balcony; abundant yields; about 20 cm long cucumbers with an aromatic taste.
  • Midios (F1): a new cucumber variety with medium long fruits; heavy crops.
  • Moneta: a robust variety for outdoor sowing; cucumbers up to 30 cm tall.
  • Paska (F1): a new variety bearing 20-25 cm long cucumbers; forms only female flowers; ample yields and very robust against various diseases.
  • Picolino (F1): bears small cucumber fruits (8-12 cm); excellent taste (free from bitter substances); can be grown in greenhouses or outdoors.
  • Sakamari (F1): a fast growing variety with an aromatic flavour.
  • Saladin (F1): a newly developed variety with large cucumbers; resistant to bacterial leaf scorch and cucumber dross.
  • Silor (F1): extremely robust type with medium cucumber size (about 15-18 cm); good, aromatic taste.
  • Lemon: an heirloom cucumber variety with yellow cucumber fruits; round in shape; bears delicious fruits.

Pickling cucumbers and gherkins

  • Bidretta (F1): characteristic for its excellent growing abilities; a robust variety with abundant yields suitable for outdoor cultivation; resistant to cucumber dross.
  • Carine (F1): a new variety with heavy yields and good resistance to mildew; precocious fruits; extremely aromatic.
  • Charlotte (F1): a newly cultivated and extremely robust pickling cucumber type; excellent fruit characteristics; no bitter substances and seedless; exceptional aroma.
  • Conny (F1): a new generation of the variety Bimbostar; ample yield and early ripening; resistance against many diseases such as mildew, mosaic virus or cucumber dross; long period of harvest; suitable for outdoor cultivation.
  • Corentine (F1): forms exclusively female flowers; very productive; outstanding aroma without bitter substances; good resistance to mildew, mosaic virus and cucumber dross.
  • Cri┼čan: a precocious variety from Turkey; distinctively ribbed cucumber fruits; bountiful yields; excellent taste.
  • Eva: an heirloom cucumber variety; recommended for outdoor cultivation mainly; fine in taste.
  • Excelsior (F1): a newly bred F1 hybrid; extremely productive; slight ribbing on the cucumber fruits; deliciously crunchy with excellent taste; high quality variety.
  • Geroy (F1): a pickling cucumber variety with petite fruits; good taste; abundant yields; highly recommended for cultivation in greenhouses.
  • Libelle (F1): early pickling cucumbers with robust growth; resistant to cucumber dross and the cucumber mosaic virus; can be sown in beds or flower pots (cultivation on the balcony is excellent).
  • Piccolo Di Parigi: an heirloom variety from Italy with firm flesh; ample yields; excellent variety for pickling and salads.
  • Restina (F1): a precocious variety; extremely robust and good resistance to mildew, grey mould and mosaic virus.
  • Tornado (F1): a modern cucumber variety; extremely resistant to disease with abundant harvests.
  • Vorgebirgstrauben: a very robust and rapidly growing pickled cucumber variety; characteristic for its enormous harvests and aromatic taste.
  • Zircon (F1): abundantly yielding; only female flowers; resistant and robust against both powdery and downy mildew; excellent to cultivate in the garden.

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