White roses: the 15 most beautiful white rose varieties

White roses: the 15 most beautiful white rose varieties

White roses are one of the flowers that carry a lot of symbolic meaning. We have collected the best white rose varieties for you – from pure white to cream-coloured roses.

Even though all types of roses (Rosa) are without a doubt enchanting and traditionally associated with nobility, white roses, in our opinion, perfectly combine regal grace and elegance in one. With their delicate colours ranging from bright white to noble shades of cream, these flowers will brighten up any garden. White roses carry a lot of symbolic weight and have therefore been often used in bouquets. But have you ever wondered which types of white roses form the most beautiful flowers? In the following, we will tell you about 15 white roses that are definitely worthy of a place in your garden.

The graceful beauty of roses has always fascinated people. It is unsurprising that the cultivation of roses goes all the way back to ancient times. And it was not just the red rose varieties that were grown in gardens even back then, white roses also attracted a lot of attention from the very beginning. The white rose of York (Rosa x alba) is said to have been a favourite of Romans and the beauty of its charming white blossoms is still well-known today. There are of course many other types of white roses, which we will introduce to you after we explain the meaning behind white roses.

White roses: meaning

White roses are frequently used as decorations for weddings. This is not only because of their elegant appearance but also because of the symbolic significance of white roses. White roses have been known as a symbol for love, faithfulness and innocence. In the Middle Ages, white roses were associated with the Virgin Mary and were therefore regarded as synonymous with her virtues. Additionally, the white rose has often been used as a sign of peace. But there is another meaning behind the pretty flower – it can also represent farewell or even death. You should therefore never give a bouquet of white roses to an ill person. A well-intended present could quickly turn into an embarrassing blunder.

1. White shrub rose ‘Iceberg®’

The shrub rose ‘Iceberg®’ is a real classic in the garden: this white beauty has been around since the 1950s and has lost none of its appeal since then. This white rose variety blooms with numerous pure white blossoms continuously until the first frost. This makes the ‘Iceberg®’ rose an ideal choice for creating dreamy corners in your garden.

2. White climbing rose ‘Penny Lane®’

With its lush green foliage winding elegantly around rose arches and pergolas, this white climbing rose is a truly impressive plant. Rose lovers will be even more fascinated when the ‘Penny Lane®’ rose shows its unique flowers. Until well into autumn, the plant is covered by stunning champagne-coloured rose petals that are slightly ruched.

3. White hybrid tea rose ‘Annapurna®’

White hybrid tea roses are quite rare – especially when they are as bright white as the ‘Annapurna®’ roses. They are timelessly elegant and therefore popular additions to gardens that can be enjoyed for a long time. However, what makes them really special is their fragrance: the typical rose aroma carries a hint of honey and citrus, opening up a whole new world of scents to whoever passes by these white beauties.

4. White English Rose ‘Winchester Cathedral®’

The ‘Winchester Cathedral®’ rose, coming directly from England, is a truly noble garden visitor and is guaranteed to delight with its unique charm. This white rose variety amazes with its beauty and low-maintenance nature. It is truly captivating with its large, white flowers that contrast with the pink buds and the dark foliage of this plant. On top of that, it spreads an intense fragrance reminiscent of milk and almonds, making it a very welcome guest in the garden.

5. White floribunda rose ‘Garden of Roses®’

Would you like to embellish your garden with white roses but have hardly any space? No problem! The floribunda rose ‘Garden of Roses®’ can easily be grown in a pot and will still impress with its stunning appearance. Its nostalgic flowers show an enchanting colour gradient from cream or pastel pink to white. What is more, this plant is also not susceptible to diseases, which is why this white rose is award-winning and beginner-friendly.

6. White climbing rose ‘Guirlande d’Amour®’

The ‘Guirlande d’Amour®’ rose is probably one of the most beautiful and romantic climbing roses ever. With its lush flowers and an alluring fragrance, it is guaranteed to make an impression on every gardener that comes across this white rose variety. Its loose double, bright white rose petals, which provide a nice contrast to its dark green foliage, are especially attractive. The fact that the “garland of love” rose is also an award-winning white rose, which even beginners can enjoy, makes this variety even more popular.

7. White shrub rose ‘Artemis®’

The ‘Artemis®’ rose with its ball-shaped flowers and exciting anise-like scent, is a delight to every rose lover. The cream-coloured rose’s nostalgic charm will brighten up any garden bed and will impress gardeners both as a solitary plant and as a white rose bush. Thanks to its healthy leaves and robustness, ‘Artemis®’ is one of the best white roses for beginners.

8. White climbing rose ‘Bobbie James®’

If you can’t get enough of white flowers, you can’t miss out on the ‘Bobbie James®’ rose. Hardly any other rose variety bears such an abundance of flowers. Additionally, the once-blooming white rose variety exudes a wonderfully intense scent. But even after flowering, the plant is still stunning with its healthy, grey to green leaves and beautiful red rose hips in autumn.

9. White floribunda rose ‘Pastella®’

Its delicate pastel colour is the ‘Pastella®’ rose’s trademark. With its nostalgic double flowers – sometimes with a delicate pink edge – the white rose looks as if it came straight out of a fairy tale. It can also be grown as a companion plant because it works really well with other flowers. The beauty of this white rose is enhanced even more by its subtle fragrance and abundance of flowers. Additionally, the white floribunda is distinguished for its excellent leaf health.

10. White hybrid tea rose ‘Madame Anisette®’

When it comes to fragrance, no rose can keep up with the ‘Madame Anisette®’ rose. Its intense aroma, reminiscent of a mixture of lovage, myrrh and anise, is very beguiling and has won the plant several prizes. Its dense double cream-coloured rose petals are also simply stunning. On top of that, the beautiful rose variety is also very robust and has good leaf health, which is rather unusual for hybrid tea roses.

11. White floribunda rose ‘Lions-Rose®’

The ‘Lions-Rose®’ is wonderfully nostalgic but certainly not old-fashioned. Its large, double flowers and subtle fragrance make it a real gem in the garden. The cream-coloured rose petals, which can take on a delicate touch of pink when they blossom, pose an elegant contrast to the dark green foliage. Moreover, the white rose, which blossoms several times, is very robust and is known for its excellent leaf health.

12. White hybrid tea rose ‘Francis Meilland®’

Hardly any other rose variety can hold a candle to the beautiful ‘Francis Meilland®’ rose. With its delicate double flowers and intense fragrance, this white hybrid tea rose is a stunning addition to any garden. The plant’s salmon-coloured petals with a cream or white edge make this white rose particularly noble-looking. On top of that, the ‘Francis Meilland®’ rose is an award-winning rose variety with excellent leaf health.

13. White floribunda rose ‘Aspirin®’

Unfortunately, the beautiful ‘Aspirin®’ rose does not help against headaches, but it can help turn the garden into a haven of tranquillity for your soul. This award-winning rose has impressively healthy leaves and is considered to be extremely robust. For that reason, growing this white rose is unproblematic, even in a pot. But the ‘Aspirin®’ rose is also nice to look at: its shiny white, semi-double flowers and pinnate leaves are truly stunning. In cooler temperatures, the colour of the flowers can turn to a romantic pink shade. By the way, the rose did not receive this unusual name because its colour is reminiscent of that of the pain medication but rather to celebrate the 100th birthday of the famous substance.

white rose variety aspirin
The award-winning white rose variety ‘Aspirin’ is robust and known for its excellent leaf health [Shutterstock.com/Natalia Greeske]

14. White ground cover rose ‘Innocencia®’

The ‘Innocencia®’ rose is beautiful, robust, abundantly-flowering and very robust. It is therefore not surprising that this white rose variety has won prizes at several rose shows. This rose, which only grows to a height of about 40 to 60 centimetres, is a real show-stopper with its subtle fragrance, pure white flowers and yellow stamens. Its robust nature makes the ‘Innocencia®’ rose perfectly suited as a ground-cover plant and is therefore often found in public parks.

15. White floribunda rose ‘Sirius®’

The ‘Sirius®’ rose is a real all-rounder in the garden which is why it seems almost impossible to list all of its advantages. This award-winning white rose does not only have extremely healthy leaves but is also winter-hardy and very robust. The white rose is also pretty low-maintenance: for the most part, it takes care of itself and does therefore not have to be thinned out regularly like other rose varieties. The biggest advantage by far, however, are its numerous, beautiful flowers. While the edges of the rose are cream-coloured or white, the middle displays a delicate apricot colour. It’s fine scent emphasises the white rose’s beauty even more.

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