Yellow tomatoes: the most popular yellow tomato varieties & how to grow them

Yellow tomatoes: the most popular yellow tomato varieties & how to grow them

Tomatoes come in a variety of colours – including yellow. We will introduce you to the most delicious yellow tomato varieties and will tell you everything you need to know about how to cultivate and harvest them as well as how the yellow tomatoes taste.

Yellow tomatoes can add an additional splash of colour into your garden and can be a nice contrast among their red relatives. You can find yellow tomato varieties in all sizes and shades, ranging from creamy-white to golden yellow. Yellow tomatoes often taste fruiter and sweeter than their red counterparts. They are therefore particularly suitable for people with a sweet tooth. In the following, we will show you the best yellow tomato varieties. We will also give you tips on how to grow them and how to tell if they are ripe.

The best yellow tomato varieties

The almost white, light yellow to golden yellow fruits come in all shapes and sizes. We have compiled an overview of the best yellow tomato varieties for you.

Yellow heirloom tomato varieties

  • ‘Yellow Brandywine’ originated in the USA and is a yellow variation of the popular red ‘Brandywine’ tomato. With a weight of up to 500 grams it is one of the larger beef tomatoes. Although the tomato plants do not bear a lot of fruits, the few that they do grow taste deliciously aromatic and fruity-sweet.
  • The ‘Yellow Pear’ tomato, also known as ‘Yellow Teardrop’, produces many small, yellow, pear-shaped fruits. It belongs to the category of yellow heirloom tomatoes but is still considered a classic for the garden. The plants are extremely robust and healthy, their fruits taste mild and sweet.
yellow pear tomatoes
A classic yellow tomato variety is the ‘Yellow Pear’ []
  • ‘Goldene Königin’ is one of the few round, yellow salad tomatoes. It originally came from Germany and can be grown in a greenhouse or with rain protection. As with most yellow tomatoes, this variety tastes mainly fruity, mild and sweetish.

Yellow cherry tomatoes

  • ‘Dattelwein’ is another yellow, pear-shaped tomato. The plant bears numerous small and sweet fruits. As it is a cherry tomato variety, it can be grown with several shoots. It is also very suitable to be grown in a pot with rain protection.
  • ‘Goldita’ produces many round, almost orange tomatoes with a uniquely delicious aroma and a high fructose content. It is an ideal yellow tomato variety for the balcony and garden, which is not very susceptible to disease and has beautifully shaped leaves.
  • ‘Artisan Golden Bumble Bee’ is probably one of the most beautiful yellow tomato varieties. This yellow, red, orange and pink striped cherry tomato with its fruity-sweet taste certainly has the potential to become one of your favourites. The harvest period begins early and continues for several months.
  • ‘Snow White’ is an extremely vigorous, robust and healthy yellow tomato variety. Its fruits, which are sugar-sweet, are white as snow, or at least almost so. The yellow cherry tomatoes can grow up to 2.5 metres tall.
  • The ‘Golden Currant’ tomato is one of the few yellow wild tomatoes. As with almost all wild tomato varieties, the fruits have a strong tomato taste and the plant bears numerous small, round and golden fruits. The plant should not be pinched out – it is best to let the shoots grow. This variety grows vigorously and is not very susceptible to diseases.

Yellow salad tomato varieties

  • A colourful variation of the well-known ‘De Barao’ tomato is ‘De Barao Yellow’. The plant grows large, plum-shaped fruits. It is very suitable for outdoor cultivation and does not need any rain protection.
de barao yellow tomato
‘De Barao’ tomatoes have a characteristic shape and they come in several colours, including yellow [ Koromyslova]
  • ‘Garden Peach’ tomatoes are bright yellow and are covered with soft peach-like fuzz on their skin, hence their name. The fruits feel velvety and fluffy, but that won’t bother you when you eat them. The yellow tomatoes taste wonderfully fruity and sweet, very similar to melon. The plants are robust and resistant to diseases, making them very suitable for outdoor cultivation.
  • ‘Lemon Plum’ is an old Russian tomato variety. Its bright yellow fruits have the shape of a lemon but taste mildly sweet and aromatic. The plant does especially well in a greenhouse, or outside with some rain protection.

Yellow beef tomato varieties

  • The popular yellow ‘Pineapple’ tomato is a real show-stopper with its yellow-orange-red marbled, large fruits that ripen around the end of July. The yellow tomato’s taste is reminiscent of pineapple, which indicates just how fruity and sweet it tastes. You can find everything you need to know about the ‘Pineapple’ tomato, the different varieties and tips on how to cultivate the tomato in this article.
  • ‘Azoychka’ is one of the rare completely yellow beef tomatoes. It was originally grown in Russia and ripens early, from mid-July on. It is low-maintenance and robust, like most Russian tomato varieties. Its taste is pleasantly sweet and fruity, mild and juicy.
  • The ‘White Queen’ tomato shines in such a bright yellow that it appears to be almost white. As soon as the fruits, which weigh about 400 grams, turn to a creamy-white colour, they are ready to be harvested. Like all white tomato varieties, it tastes mild and fruity, yet very sweet. The tomato plant is best grown in a greenhouse, where it upstages most other tomato varieties.

How to plant and care for yellow tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes, like their red siblings, can be planted in a greenhouse starting at the beginning of May. From mid-May on, they can be planted in a pot or directly in the garden bed. You can support the tomato’s growth and fruit development with soil that is specially adapted to the nutrient demands of nightshades.

Tomatoes can benefit from being grown alongside other plants, such as herbs and flowers. If you would like to learn more about companion planting tomatoes, read here.

All yellow tomato plants, except for wild varieties, require some support, for example a wooden stick or a twisted metal rod. It is important to pinch out yellow salad tomatoes and beef tomatoes in order for them to form a lot of fruits. You should leave no more than two main shoots. Yellow cherry tomato varieties can be grown with three or four main shoots.

how to grow yellow tomatoes
Many types of tomatoes, including some of the yellow varieties, will benefit from being supported by a growth aid [ Kravchenko]

As tomatoes need a lot of water, mulching tomato plants can be of great help. By mulching tomatoes, you can save a lot of water. During their growing period, tomatoes require a large amount of minerals and nutrients. A long-term organic fertiliser is best used to supply your plants with nutrients in a sustainable way.

Harvest and use: when are yellow tomatoes ripe?

It is sometimes not that easy to tell whether yellow tomatoes are ripe or not. The easiest way is to squeeze the fruits slightly. If they feel soft, it is time to harvest the tomatoes. Yellow cherry tomatoes are particularly suitable to eat fresh right from the plant, but they can also easily be dried and preserved. Larger tomatoes can add colour to salads and on sandwiches, but they can also be used in yellow tomato sauces and soups.

If you are looking for other interesting types of tomatoes to grow, read our article on green tomato varieties. If you are interested in an overview of tomato varieties, click here.

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